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RE: [BellaAndEdward] Fic Of The Day -- July 11


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I went to look at the "Officer Goodbody' story and I'm going to have to pass because I'm only interested in Bella/Edward stories.  However since it is a companion piece to the story I recommended, here is the info about it in case anyone is interested.

Officer Goodbody               » by Kambria Rain
Fresh out of rehab, Nessie decides to reconnect with her big sister Bella. Staying out of trouble isn't so easy, especially with a cop living next door. Companion piece to Bella Swan: Kidnapper. The missing moments of Jake and Nessie.
Rated: M - Humor - Chapters: 14 - Renesmee C./Nessie & Jacob - Complete 

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Re: [LionAndLamb_Fanfic] Fic Of The Day -- July 11

I must have read this at least a dozen times and will probably read it a dozen more. You should also read officer goodbody by the same author.


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